Dragster DME-82 (2pakk)

  • 849 SEK

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8.0 inch ferrite midrange speaker 

Non-pressed paper cone with cloth edge 

Have duty steel basket 

1.5 inch kccaw voice coil 

Impedance 4 ohms 

100 watts rms power 

200 watts max power 

80wrms -70zh 12dB 

100wrms -90hz 12dB 

Effective range 100-8700hz 

Recommended filter 

general use >100hz 12dB 

Above are from testing in real conditions and laboratory september 2020 

High strength ferrite magnet 

Sensitivity 95dB Mounting Depth 78mm 

Optimal sealed box 6 liter

 Speaker feeling the volume of enclousure alot: yes