FOR-X XFR-80 (2pakk)

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8.0 inch ferrite midbass speaker 

Non-pressed paper cone with rubber edge 

Have duty steel basket 

1.5 inch kccaw voice coil 

With red aluminum bullet 

Impedance 4 ohms 

180 watts rms power 

360 watts max power 

Frequency response 85HZ-8.7 KHZ 

High strength ferrite magnet 

Sensitivity 95dB 

With extremely steel grill 

Overall Diameter 213mm/8.38" 

Baffle Cutout Diameter 182mm/7.2" 

Mounting Depth 58mm/2.28" 

Nominal Impedence 4 OHM 

RMS Power Handling 180 Watts

Maximum Power Handling 360 Watts 

Sensitivity (1w/1m) 95dB F

requency Response 85-8.7KHz 

Voice Coil Diameter 38mm/1.5" 

Winding Material KCCAW 

Magnet Ferrite Basket Material Steel