FOR-X XMD-3080 (2pakk)

  • 849 SEK

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2 ST


Impedance 4 ohms 

150 watts rms power 

300 watts max power 

Non-pressed paper cone with cloth edge 

Have duty steel basket 1.5 inch kccaw voice coil High strength ferrite magnet 

Sensitivity 95dB Diameter 209mm 

Cutout 182mm 

epth 79mm 

Effective range 80-9000hz 

130wrms -70hz 12dB 

150wrms 90hz 12dB 

Recommended filter for general use >70hz 12dB 

Optimal sealed box 8 liter. 

Speaker feeling the volume of enclousure alot: NO

 Testers was very impressed with this midbass, ,

they did not know any prices when testing 

so they compared to more expensive ones from other brands.


General Data Overall 

Dimensions 210 mm 

Mounting Depth 74 mm

Baffle Cutout Diameter 183 mm 

Nominal Power Handing 150 W 

Maximum Power 300 W 

Sensitivity 96,2