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Powerful. Loudly.

Uncompromising acoustics for high sporting performance. The mid / bass drivers in the Sabotage series are designed to deliver powerful, clear sound for both competition venues and everyday use. A powerful motor combined with a lightweight moving system provides a high sensitivity of 95 dB, and a 1.5 "voice coil allows you to" pile "without fear of structural integrity.

Sabotage are powerful and loud speakers with a wide frequency response. Open, clear sound without distortion at high

volume levels . The presence of a tweeter in the line allows you to assemble a two-way system with a different-caliber woofer / midrange speaker. If such disciplines

as ESQL from EMMA or Concert from AMT format are close to you, then these speakers are for you!

The frequency range of the loudspeakers goes far up, which makes it easier to dock with any tweeters, regardless of their characteristics.

Series Sabotage
Thiel-Small parameters
Fs 94 Hz
Qts 0.59
Vas 10.07 l
RMS power 175 Watt
PMPO power 320 watts
Voice coil 1.5 "(3.8 cm)
Resistance 4 ohm