Beyma 8CX300FE - 8OHM

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Leveranstid 3-10 dagar

Nominal Basket Diameter

8" / 200mm

Impedance (HF)

16 ohms

Impedance (LF)8 ohms

AES Power Rating (LF)

250 Watts

Program Power (LF)500 Watts  

AES Power Rating (HF)50 Watts AES

Program Power (HF)100 Watts AES

Frequency Response

80Hz - 20kHz

HF Frequency Dispersion70º Conical

Sensitivity (1W/1m) (LF)

96dB SPL

Sensitivity (1W/1m) (HF)104dB SPL

Voice Coil Diameter (LF)

2.5" / 63.5mm

Voice Coil Diameter (HF)1.75" / 44.5mm

Recom. Crossover Frequency2kHz or higher @ 12dB/oct.

Voice Coil Length15 mm

Air Gap Height7 mm

BL Factor10.2 N/A

Mounting Information

Overall Diameter8.33" / 211.5mm

Bolt Circle Diameter7.81" / 198.3mm

Baffle Cutout Diameter7.07" / 179.5mm

No. Of Mounting Holes8

Overall Depth4.92" / 125mm

Net Weight10.14 lb. / 4.6 kg.

Shipping Weight10.8 lb. / 4.9 kg.


Low Frequency Woofer

BasketDie-Cast Aluminum

ConeCarbon Fiber Loaded Paper

SurroundTreated Cloth

Voice CoilAluminum


High Frequency Tweeter


Voice CoilEdgewound Aluminum Ribbon

Voice Coil FormerKapton


Thiele-Small Parameters

Resonant Frequency (fs)76 Hz

Impedance (Re)5.3 ohms

Coil Inductance (Le).25 mH

Mechanical Q (Qms)2.6

Electrical Factor (Qes).45

Total Q (Qts).38

Comp. Equivalent Vol. (Vas).58 ft3 / 16.3 Liters

Voice Coil Overhang (Xmax)6.0 mm

Surface Area of Cone (Sd)m20.022m2

Reference Efficiency1.55%

Moving Mass (Mms)18 Grams

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