Beyma 12WR400 - 4OHM

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Nominal Basket Diameter
12" / 300mm
4 & 8 ohms
AES Power Rating
400 Watts
Program Power 800 Watts  
Frequency Response
45Hz - 5.0kHz
Sensitivity (1W/1m)
Voice Coil Diameter
3" / 77mm
Voice Coil Length16 mm
Air Gap Height8 mm
X Damage (peak to peak)30 mm

Mounting Information

Overall Diameter12.28" / 312mm
Bolt Circle Diameter11.59" / 294.5mm
Baffle Cutout Diameter- 
- Front Mount10.94" / 278mm
No. Of Mounting Holes8
Volume Displaced By Driver0.14 ft3  /  4 Liters
Overall Depth5.12" / 130mm
Net Weight12.12 lb. / 5.5 kg.
Shipping Weight13.23 lb. / 6.0 kg.


BasketCast Aluminum
ConeWaterproof Paper
SurroundTreated Cloth
Voice CoilCopper
Metal PartsAnti-Corrosion Coated

Thiele-Small Parameters

Resonant Frequency (fs)42 Hz
Impedance (Re)5.8 ohms
Coil Inductance (Le)1.0 mH
Mechanical Q (Qms)5.6
Electrical Factor(Qes).3
Total Q (Qts).28
Comp. Equivalent Vol. (Vas)3.22 ft3 / 91.1 Liters
Voice Coil Overhang (Xmax)6.3mm
Effective Surface Area (Sd).053 m2
Diaphragm Mass (Mms)62 Grams
Reference Efficiency2.2%
BL Factor18N/A