DD Audio VO-CT45 - 4ohm

  • 700 kr
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The VO-CT compression tweeters are designed to thread into our VO-W woofers for coaxial applications or to be used with a standard PA style compression horn.

 These drivers cover the frequency range from where our VO mid-range and woofers leave off to the frequencies that send dogs running for cover. 

The motor uses CnC machined parts resulting in a close tolerance, high magnetic strength motor design.

 The diaphragm is a highly rigid, pressed titanium alloy connected to a high-temperature voice coil.   The VO-CT compression tweeters come with an in-line 12dB/oct crossover attached to the direct connect lead wires. 

Plug and play high output has never been so good and so easy.

Driver Size - in 45mm
Power Band - Watts 75-225
Frequency Response - Hz 1200-20000
dBSPL 106