Rainbow DL-C5.2 Kittsystem

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Features: - 2-way 5.25 inch (13 cm) Compo Set - 20 mm Silk dome Tweeter THE WOOFER - Folded, powder coated steel basket - Butyl rubber surround for controlled cone motion - Coated natural fiber cone for authentic sound reproduction - Innovative dust cap form of reinforced natural fiber for optimal frequency response - Vented spider to avoid compression effects - High temperature, vented 25 mm Kapton voice coil former for minimal current loss - Linear Nomex spider - Powerful ferror-ceramics magnet - Extremely flexible copper lead wires THE TWEETER - 20 mm Tweeter dome of natural fiber silk mixture - Neoprene surround for controlled motions - Vented voice coil former with stainless steel lead wires - Powerful neodymium magnet - Ferrofluid voice coil cooling - Extremely small installation diameter of 36 mm - Flush mount and angle mount included THE CROSSOVER - Equiped with premium quality parts like air coils and MKT capacitors - 12 dB/Octave filter for woofer and tweeter - Palladium-plated stainless steel terminals - 3 steps attenuation for the tweeter