Faital PRO 10PR410 8OHM

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Nominal Specifications

Nominal Diameter250 mm (10 in)

Overall Diameter261 mm (10.28 in)

Bolt Circle Diameter246 mm (9.69 in)

Baffle Cutout Diameter230 mm (9.06 in)

Depth131mm (5.16 in)

Flange and Gasket Thickness11.5 mm (0.45 in)

Net Weight7.5 Kg (16.6 lb)

Shipping Box

(Single Carton Box)294 x 290 x 203 mm

(11.6 x 11.4 x 8.0 in)

Shipping Weight8.1 Kg (17.9 lb)

Technical Parameters

Nominal Impedance8 Ohm

Minimum Impedance6.8 Ohm

AES Power Handling (1)300 W

Maximum Power Handling (2)600 W

Sensitivity (1W/1m)99 dB

Frequency Range100÷2000 Hz

Voice Coil Diameter65 mm (2.56 in)

Winding MaterialAl

Former MaterialGlass Fiber

Winding Depth12.5 mm (0.49 in)

Magnetic Gap Depth10.5 mm (0.41 in)

Flux Density1.3 T

MagnetFerrite Ring

Basket MaterialAluminum

DemodulationAluminum Ring

Cone Surround (3)Accordion (4 Waves)

NET Air Volume filled by Loudspeaker2 dm^3 (0.070 ft^3)

Spider Profile1x variable height wavesThiele and small parameters

Fs60 Hz

Re5.4 Ohm




Vas27.6 dm^3 (0.97 ft^3)

Sd317.8 cm^2 (49.26 in^2)

Xmax (4)4.50 mm

Xdamage (5)12.2 mm

Mms36.5 g

Bl18.5 N/A

Le0.6 mH

Mmd33.3 g

Cms0.19 mm/N

Rms1.59 Kg/s

Eta Zero2.67 %

EBP273 Hz