Mobass MB-2515 D4

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General Data 

Overall Dimensions:396*232mm 

Nominal Power Handling: 800 W 

Transient Power 10ms: 1600 W 

Sensitivity: 90 dB 

Frequency Response: 35-400 Hz 

Cone Material: Paper 

Net Weight: 13.68 kg 

Electrical Data Nominal 

Impedance: Dual 4.0 Ohm 

DC Resistance: Dual 3.2 Ohm 

Voice Coil and Magnet Parameters 

Voice Coil Diameter: 65.5 mm 

Voice Coil Height: 45 mm HE 

Magnetic Gap Height: 15 mm Max. 

Linear Excursion: 15 mm 

Voice Coil bobbin: Black Aluminium 

Voice Coil Wire: Copper 

Number Of Layers: 4 layers 

Magnet System Type: High Flux Ferrite BL Product: 30.9 

N.A T-S Parameters Suspension Compliance, Cms: 0.05 Mechanical Q Factor, Qms: 5.4 Electrical Q Factor, Qes: 0.49 Total Q Factor, Qts: 0.45 Moving Mass, Mms: 298 g Eq. Cas Air Load( liters), VAS: 53.5 Liter Resonant Frequency, Fs: 39 Hz Effective Piston Area, SD: 829.5 cm^2