HELIX Conductor

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HELIX CONDUCTOR is ACO remote controller FEATURES: Up to 4 individual volume menus configurable (Master, Digital, HEC/AUX, Subwoofer, Rear Att.) • Volume range selectable (60 dB, 24 dB, 12 dB). • Volume steps selectable (1 dB steps, 0.5 dB steps). • Individual color for each volume menu configurable. Sound Setup selection between all 10 memory slots. Intuitive Bluetooth playback control and pairing activation (only for Bluetooth Extension Card). 12 x RGB-LEDs for visual feedback. • Wide color space with over 16 million colors. • Brightness and automatic dimming function configurable. Easy installation. • Flush mount installation with Ø 40 mm hole cut-out. • 5 m cable harness with split connector and single connector supply. • Optional housing for on-dash installation available soon. Full configuration and updatability through the DSP PC-Tool software. DSP PC-Tool 4.75a or higher. COMPATIBILITY: BRAX: DSP HELIX: DSP ULTRA DSP PRO MK3* DSP.3S* DSP.3 DSP MINI MK2* DSP MINI V TWELVE DSP MK2* V TWELVE DSP V EIGHT DSP MK2 M SIX DSP M FOUR DSP MATCH: UP 10DSP* UP 8DSP* M 5.4DSP* M 5DSP MK2 Note: The CONDUCTOR is not compatible with the WIFI CONTROL or the DIRECTOR. Note 2: The CONDUCTOR is not compatible with UP 7DSP / UP 7BMW