Gs Audio Huracan 21" CARBONKEVLAR D.07

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Finns flera varianter på denna modell under varumärken/gsaudioGs Audio Huracan 260 - 21 carbonkevlar subwoofer - 21"/54cm - 7500wrms - Voilce coil 4" Gs Audio s

Artikelnummer: GS-Huracan-21-D.07

Finns flera varianter på denna modell under varumärken/gsaudio

Gs Audio Huracan 260 - 21 carbonkevlar subwoofer - 21"/54cm - 7500wrms - Voilce coil 4"


Gs Audio subwoofer Huracan 15000 series available in 12"/30cm - 15"/38cm - 18"/46cm ? 21?/54cm are the series designed and optimized for extreme installations.

They?re characterized by an impressive magnetic group with 255mm of diameter and 25mm of height triple ferrite ring which hosts an 106 mm voice coil, 4 layers, with CCAW (alluminium covered with copper) coiling, on an high temperature alluminium drilled holder.

Die-cast aluminum basket painted with a special anti-noise paint so as to guarantee a clean sound without annoying vibrations.

The combination of black spiders 0.8 of thickness and red 100% nomex double layer spiders, produced in our italian workshop, ensure extreme lightness, efficiency and stiffness. Moreover, tinsel sewed prevent annoying noise and vibrations on big excursions.

All versions 12/15/18/21" are equipped with a carbon Kevlar cone produced in our Italian workshop.

The carbon cones are made with fibers used in the aerospace environment to ensure maximum strength and rigidity. In the back a special Kevlar fabric is used to avoid short circuits with the tinsel during extreme excursions.

Pneumatic tire board for a perfect pressure sealing inside any box.

10 mmq direct wire to guarantee excellent connections.

Finally we installed a carbon dustcup which, besides tighten up the cone, serves as a heat sink. That?s because carbon, as heat conductor material, absorb voice coil?s warmth and helps to waste it also in the frontal part of the cone.


Available all 4 versions 12"/30cm - 15"/38cm - 18"/46cm- 21"/54cm  both double 1 ohm and double 2 ohm.

Their resonance frequency (Fs) between 34 and 37 hz makes them perfect for everyday use in the car, especially for hip hop music and deep low music. For techno lovers and for those who appreciate music with lots of BPM instead, we suggest to slightly reduce the width of the box by about 10 cm in order to make the speaker faster and increase the box?s chord of 3 or 4 hz.

Given the 7500 Wrms of power, we suggest to match with one of our amplifiers from 5500 to 8500 Wrms.

In the data sheet you?ll find also the drawing with the specific boards in order to realize our suggested box.

Moreover, for all Gs Audio subs and speakers assembled in our Italian workshop are available standard recone kit and also customized kit according to customer?s need, besides voice coils, spiders, cones and every component for speaker?s and sub?s reparation without needs to buy a new one.