Gs Audio Full-Range GS-1350.1 ([email protected])

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Ett helt ny Serie förstärkare av GS Audio med hög kvalitet och bra prestanda. Fullrange steg som funkar så väl till basar som middar.


Gs Audio Amplificatore GS-1350.1 - 1350 W rms @1 ohm

Mono amplifier in 1 ohm, perfect for daily use car installations.

Differently from the competitors’ amplifiers, it could also be used full range for medium and tweeter.

Thanks to its stability it could be used with four 4 ohm speakers or even with eight 8 ohm speakers.

Thanks to its big plug in which can host cables up to 80 mmq, drop voltage are reduced, increasing the sound quality, reliability and efficiency.

The big plug in facilitate the installation, giving the chance to mount a big section cable, without reduce its final part ad often happens with small amplifiers with small plug in.