Pride Ruby 6.5 Perfomance

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Produktbeskrivning Pride Ruby 6.5 Performance. 6.5″ size.A new era of speakers. Modular system.quick and easy repair in 1 minute.A great solution for you a

Artikelnummer: Pride Ruby 6.5 Perfomance



Pride Ruby 6.5 Performance. 6.5″ size.
A new era of speakers. Modular system.
quick and easy repair in 1 minute.

A great solution for you and your car music systems.


Complete set of sales:
Pride Ruby 6.5 Performance – 1 pairs
Carton box


Physical feature
Technical feature
Nominal impendance
4 Ohm
Voice coil winding material
Cooper wire
Effective radiation area
144 cm2
Power Handling
200 W (HPF 18dB/oct. on 160 Hz)
Frequency response
160 Hz - 10 kHz
Magnet's material
Hybrid magnet
Magnetic core material
electrical steel
Outer diameter
173,5 mm
Mounting diametr
150,5 mm
Mounting depth
70 mm