Cerwin-Vega IOEM6

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Artikelnummer: IOEM6

Nyhet! Cerwin-Vega IOEM6 Line Output Converter 6-channel

6-kanals High-End omvandlare. Få ut ren och kraftfull signal från slutsteget!


Low Output Impedance

High Input Impedance

Flat Frequency Response

High Output Voltages

Excellent Signal to Noise Ratio

Panel Mount RCAs

Poly Caps and Low Tolerance Resistors in all Signal Path Circuits

Power On LED

Removable Terminal Blocks for all Input Connections

Proudly Designed and Engineered in the USA



6 Channel

Maximum Input Voltage: 50 V

Maximum Output Voltage: 9 V

THD: 0.01%

Input Impedance: >20K Ohms

Output Impedance: 50 Ohms

Signal to Noise: >98dB

Signal Sense Level: DC Sense