Ground Zero GZDM DoorKit

  • 990 kr
Artikelnummer: GZDM DOORKIT PRO
Features Complete set for damping of two doors and door panels, includes: - 8 sheets Polymer damping material based on butyl rubber with layer of aluminum (available separately as Ground Zero GZDM 3750AB-SILVER) - 4 sheets High efficient sound absorbing polyurethane foam (available separately as Ground Zero GZDF 1500SA) - 2 sheets Waterproof high density noise damping polyethylene foam - 2 sheets GZDA 1200AL-GOLD aluminum Size per sheet: 500 x 375 mm GZDM 3750AB-SILVER Flexible and waterproof material including anti corrosive additives. Simple application due to high adhesive force on even and uneven surfaces with high efficient anti-vibration effect. Application on cleaned parts inside the door panel. Technical specification Total thickness: 1,7 mm / 0.067″ (GOST 17073) Mass (kg/m²), at least: 2,4 kg (GOST 17073) Mechanical loss factor: 0,13 (DIN EN ISO 6721-3:1996/method A) Storage temperature: up to +40°C Fire risk, burning rate: non-flammable 100 (GOST 25076) Durability of connection (N/cm): 5 (GOST 25076) Salt resistibility (500 hrs test): no impact (GOST 9,719-94/ISO 9227:2005) GZDF 1500SA High efficient viscous-elastic sound absorbing formed foam. Self-adhesive, heat insulating and vibration damping when compressed. Application inside of the passenger’s compartment and on the backside of the door trims. Technical specification Total thickness: 15 mm / 0.59” Operating temperature: -40° to 100° C Noise absorbing: -85% Polyethylene foam High density, self-adhesive and waterproof noise damping and heat insulating foam. Application on cleaned surfaces and on top of the aluminum layer of butyl rubber polymer damping avoiding standing waves inside the door. Technical specification Total thickness: 8 mm / 0.31“ Operating temperature: -30° to 90° C Weight (kg/m²), min.: 0,37.